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Lander Lighting System-B Version

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Lander Lighting System-B Version
Lander Lighting System-B Version

 Input: 2 channels ( THRO & AUX )
 Power: 12v~42v (3S~11S)
 TL current: 150mA
 Size (controller unit only): 50x26x12mm (LxWxH)
 Weight: 52g(90mm)/50g(70mm)/49g(60mm)/45g(50mm)
 FFL: Fast Flashing Light (1x8mm Red LED ,400mm lead)
 LL:   Left Light (1x5mm Red LED ,1000mm lead)
 RL: Right Light (1x5mm Green LED ,1000mm lead)
 HL: Head Light (1x10mm White LED ,400mm lead)
 BL: Back Light (1x5mm Red LED ,1000mm lead)
 TL: Tail Light (Four sizes to choose from):
90MM: 32x5mm Red LED,1000mm lead
70MM: 28x5mm Red LED,1000mm lead
60MM: 24x3mmx2 Red LED,1000mm lead
50MM: 20x5mm Red LED,1000mm lead
 VER 3.0 controller is upgraded by analog control to digital control, do not need to adjust the VR, are not subject to any interference, more stable performance.
 RX1 Connected to the AUX or GEAR channel can be used to switch on and off all navigation lights.
 RX2 Connected to the THRO channel,the afterburner responds to your throttle channel.
 Special increase fast flashing lights,which can be as Air-Line flashing light on the bottom or on fire machine gun effect.
 Equipped with an independent voltage regulator, provide security and stability of power supply for tail lights.
 With ultra-wide input voltage from 12V~42V(3S~11S),safe and convenient.


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