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Brushless Motor Thrust Stand Manual V3

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Brushless Motor Thrust Stand Manual V3
Brushless Motor Thrust Stand Manual V3



Motor Mounts: 11mm~59mm

 Maximum value test thrust: 5000g /177oz

 Division value:1g /0.01oz

 Sensor power supply: 3V(Main battery supply)

 Max current: 100A

 Max wattage: 6500W

 Max RPM displayed value: 999999

 Max KVdisplayed value: 9999

 Motor poles (pole pairs) selection scope:2346781214

 Product size: L198xW140xH81mm

 Weight: 685g


1) Thrust test range 11mm~59mm out runner Motor.

2) High precision thrust sensors, maximum magnitude 5000g/177oz, minimum quantity 1g/0.1oz.

3) Breakthrough technology, the analysis of the various parameters of the motor. Comprehensive understanding of the performance of the motor.

4) Precise digital speed monitoring, instead of the traditional laser monitoring.

5) Motor pole pair selection scope, and can be compatible with most of the inner and outer motor in the market.

6) is a good helper of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) DIY, except some can also analysis the model cars, boats, helicopters, and so on the running speed, KV value, such as current, voltage and power parameters.

7) Input voltage up to 60V, maximum load current of 100A.

8) RE is Revolutions Efficiency that is used to confirm whether the motor or ESC is consistent with the product performance.

9) Are equipped with all kinds of connector, can satisfy you to test the connection of each series motor and ESC.

10) Strong LCD data real-time display let you be clear at a glance.


1. Maximum measure current of this tester is up to 100A, also depends of which connector such as XT60 current limit, if the test current more than 80A, should be stopped ASAP.

2. In order to accurate detection of RPM and KV values, must be choose the right PP(Poles) of motor, Please consult with your motor supplier.


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