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Full Alloy metal EDF thrust testing stand...

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Full Alloy metal EDF thrust testing stand V2
Full Alloy metal EDF thrust testing stand V2


Test range50mm~120mm
Maximum value test thrust 10Kg /353oz
Division value1g /0.01oz
Sensor power supply3V (BEC supply)
Power meter Input voltage5~60V
Max current150A
Max wattage6500W
Net weight1955g
Product sizeL500xW360xH200mm
Packing sizeL330xW240xH17.5mm
Function description:
A lot of hobby players have owned our 1st version EDF thrust test stand on last year and enjoy its performance. Now our 2nd version EDF thrust test stand is coming soon. Hereby we would like to introduce the new version will be reinforced more function such as extend the testing EDF size up to 50 - 120mm EDF, output data display including of both of thrust power & output watt respectively. Meanwhile come with separation of CNC spare parts for putting on the whole EDF jet (AUW up to 7kg) to do the thrust testing. In order to let end user fully understand of their EDF jet thrust output power comparison with AUW. In this connection, they should have more confidence of their EDF jet before take off then enjoy the flight well.
2nd version EDF thrust test stand will be packed by a small package box. End-users are only done a simple installation.



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