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Thrust for out runner Motor Measuring Sta...

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Thrust for out runner Motor Measuring Stand V2
Thrust for out runner Motor Measuring Stand V2





 Test range:12mm or 14~59mm

 Maximum value test thrust :5Kg /177oz

 Division value:1g /0.01oz

 Sensor power supply:3V (BEC supply)

 Power meter Input voltage:5~60V

 Max current:150A

 Max wattage:6500W

 Net weight:768g (battery weight not included)

 Product size:L210xW140xH96mm

 Packing size:L250xW150xH135mm


1) Full aluminum alloy material, sturdy and beautiful.

2) Thrust test range 12mm or 14~59mm out runner Motor.

3) The horizontal test, the same sensor and Motor center axis, the thrust test more accurate.

4) High precision thrust sensors, maximum magnitude 5kg/177oz, minimum quantity 1g/0.1oz.

5) Big blue LCD screen, make reading more clearly.

6) Use high precision tube bearing sliding platform, reduce of gravity and the friction wear and tear.

7) Strong power meter can accurately detect the relevant operation parameters of the motor changes, including current, voltage, power, peak amps, peak watts, minimum voltage and so on.


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