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F9F-2 Panther/OB

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F9F-2 Panther/OB
F9F-2 Panther/OB
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Wing Span: 1050mm
Length 1000mm
Flying weight 1150g up
Thrust 4S up to 1.7kg or 6S up to 2.4kg
Servo 9g × 5pcs or above
Power system EDF 70MM 4S or 6S
ESC 60A/UBEC or above
Radio 5 - 6 CH
Battery: Li-po 14.8v/4s-3300mAh or above / 22.2v 6S 3300mAh or above(option items)
Function: New small size full metal electric retract /w suspension struts,Auxiliary inlet door system on top for replacement of cheater hole.
Optional Parts: Functional flaps system / Gear doors system / Lighting and Afterburner system

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