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4in1multifunctional receiver intelligentc...

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4in1multifunctional receiver intelligentcontroller
4in1multifunctional receiver intelligentcontroller


Input Voltage4.8v~8.4v

Size59x52x11mm (LxWxH)



Function(): 5A Electronic Switch

 Input Voltage4.8v~8.4vOutput Voltage5A, 4.8v~8.4v.

This function can be connected receiver AUX channel or other desire channel - be reminded to set the relatedchannel travel throw at +- 100%. It can be operated the function such as smoking system/ drop bomb/ flashinglight & sound effects system, canopy operation., etc.


Function(): Smart Controller for Electric Retract

 Simple one button design to operate.

 Build in red /blue LED for indication during operation.

Only press one button rotating to be able control the electric retract gear down or up without TX on. Also It can be worked as a testing for electric retract or servos if necessary.  

Operation method:

1)    Simple connect it between RX gear channel and electric retract units. It can be operated within 4.8 -8.4V.

2)    After the connection, the electric retract can be operated by TX as current or directly press the button on theSmart Manual Controller. It is so convenient to operate the electric retract when put off the TX or no TX onhand event.

3)    During the operation, there is shown signal on is blue light on and signal off is red light on.


Function(): Gear and Door Sequencer

Function: Landing gear and door great controller.


Function(): Gear delay device Sequencer


Type 1: Once the gear up function on, the left strut will be geared up first then the right one be followed aftersix second. When gear down function on, the left strut will be down first then right on be followed after six second respectively.

Type 2: Once the gear up function on, the left strut will be geared up first then the right one be followed aftersix second respectively. When gear down function on, both side struts will be down together.


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