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Brief of introduction:
The 3A UBEC is an advanced switching DC-DC regulator which will be supplied a constant 3A or more with short bursts of up to 5A.The 3A UBEC supplied with 2~8S lipo battery pack and output as consistent safe power for your receiver, gyro and servos. It is very suitable for big electric RC models such as fixed-wing aircrafts and helicopters which use more than 4S lithium battery.
BTW this 3A UBEC also added a set of independent electronic remote control switch function, and can provide independent continuous 2A/ 5V or 6V output. This function can be connected receiver AUX channel or other desire channel – be reminded to set the related channel travel throw at +- 100%. It can be operated the function such as smoking system/ drop bomb/ flashing light & sound effects system, canopy operation., etc.
1.   Input7.4V~30V (2~8S lipo)
2.   Output Voltage5V@3A or 6V@3A (Selectable by using a jumper connector)
3.   Output currentContinuous 3A burst 5A
4.   Quiescent current20mA
5.   Electronic switch output2A, 5V or 6V
6.   Size40mmx23mmx11mm (LxWxH)
7.   Weight26g
1)     Much higher efficiency (up to 92%) than the linear mode BEC.
2)     With ultra-wide input voltage from 7.4V~30V.
3)     Safe power on with the Battery Polarity Reversal Protection function. If the input polarity is not correct, the UBEC will not be damaged. 
4)     Out-put short-circuit protection function.
5)     With a very thin copper metal shielding cover, reduce electromagnetic interference, and a good heat dissipation effect.
6)     Power output  line installed an output filter (ferrite ring) to reduce electromagnetic interference.
7)     When the electronic switch function on- blue LED lights up, and provide the continuous 2A 5V or 6V output.
Special Explanation:
Although we have tried our best to reduce the electromagnetic interference caused by switch model UBEC, it may still cause some interference to the receiver. So please install the filter (ferrite ring) far away from the UBEC’s main board, and DON'T stack the filter on the main board. Please put the whole UBEC as far as possible away from the receiver.


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